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Dynamics of the Self

The fast, easy path to the 
life you choose to experience.

Dynamics of the Self - Louis Eagle Warrior




Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps

Dramatically increase the odds of you
being a winner at the craps table.

Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps - Louis Eagle Warrior

Eagle Warrior's 'Dynamics' Books


Your path to self-improvement and success


Among the special features of these Dynamics books is that they are concise,  user-friendly and provocative.

The knowledge and secrets contained in these powerful books that will be convenient to reference time and again. You can and you will achieve your desired success and goals from even a single reading.

The style is so personal that many feel these books were written exclusively for them.

 Dynamics of the Self - The ultimate guide that leads you on the path to the life you want to live.

Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps - The most concise, user friendly book for learning and mastering casino craps. From betting to actually influencing the roll of the dice.

Plus, concise information on other casino games to consider or avoid.


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