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Dynamics of the Self

The fast, easy path to the 
life you choose to experience.

Dynamics of the Self - Louis Eagle Warrior




Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps

Dramatically increase the odds of you
being a winner at the craps table.

Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps - Louis Eagle Warrior

The Ultimate 21st Century Self Help 


Dynamics of the Self


Your Treasure House is in yourself. It contains all you will ever need."  Chinese Proverb

With the concise, powerful knowledge and secrets given to you in Dynamics of the Self it is not just possible that you will create whatever you want in your life . . .

 It is an absolute certainty! 



 "I am totally, totally enjoying Dynamics of Self-Help.
You have written the best material I have ever read.
I am so grateful I was able to find it."
John C.  Alberta, Canada


  • Achieve wealth and abundance

  • Attract ideal relationships

  • Enjoy radiant health

  • Work in the career of your choice

  • Live the life of your dreams

  • Have peace of mind


 Dynamics of the Self is the easiest, most straight forward path to
self enlightenment and changing your life

   It will rock your world!

 Dynamics of the Self    

  • Is an excellent resource for living the life you always desired

  • Is your personal self help law of attraction guide to successful living

  • Helps you understand why you were created to be a winner with the ability to achieve the life you desire

  • Guides you to achieve all of your goals

  • Shows you exactly why and how your ideas and perceptions literally create the life you experience

  • Helps you find and change anything that may be limiting you

  • Teaches you a simple yet sensational technique that puts you in touch with yourself at the deepest level, and forever shields you from past, present or future negative influences

  • Gives you the key to creating and maintaining a healthy body to match your new personal power

  • Explains what wealth is and how to achieve it

  • Guides you to possessing numerous other exciting, easy self help techniques and principles that hand you the keys to your life placing you in complete control at all times

 As a result of reading Dynamics of the Self you will understand:

  • The miraculous complexity of yourself as a thinking, capable, functioning human being

  • Why you were created to be a winner with the ability to achieve the dream life you desire

  • How to discover and achieve all of your goals

  • Why and how your ideas and perceptions literally create the life you experience

  • How to find and change any ideas and perceptions that may not be in your best interest

  • How to assume absolute, permanent possession of numerous other exciting, easy techniques and principles that hand over the keys to your life placing you in complete control

Don't spend thousands or even hundreds of dollars for lengthy seminars and retreats.  Everything you will EVER need is here.

Follow the easy to apply and easy to understand path provided for you in this book and your life will effortlessly and automatically become whatever you want it to be!

 Dynamics of the Self gives you the keys to absolute control over every aspect of your own life. It accomplishes this like nothing before.
That is why it is, “the motivational program of the 21st Century.”   
With Dynamics of the Self you will quickly discover, understand and appreciate why you are a miracle regardless of what has been happening in your life until this very moment. You will know how to bring about any and all changes you desire in your life situation.  As a result, your dreams and desires will literally burst into reality.   It is miraculous and it works for every single person.



 "I've read several articles and a few self help books, relating to career choosing and
human psychology. Although they were great books or articles with positive information
and great learning material, I found your book, Dynamics of Self-Help, to be the inspirational
material I needed to hear. I read it twice in the past week and I don't mean I scanned over it."
Troy Nevada, USA

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