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Dynamics of the Self

The fast, easy path to the 
life you choose to experience.

Dynamics of the Self - Louis Eagle Warrior




Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps

Dramatically increase the odds of you
being a winner at the craps table.

Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps - Louis Eagle Warrior

Dynamics of Winning Casino Craps


The quick, easy way to increase your chances of winning at the craps table.

Casinos are fun only when you walk away a winner.
Craps is the fastest and most exciting game in the casino.
It can also be the most daunting and can milk you dry in minutes.


Learn now the quickest and easiest way to play tough against the house at the craps table and greatly increase your chances of winning.
There are no guarantees. If you want guarantees, play the slots and you are guaranteed to be a loser.


Dynamic Craps – Rolling the Dice for Profit and Fun offers you is an assurance. The assurance that the information in  this book
significantly increases your chances of becoming a winner at the craps table.


Louis Eagle Warrior, the author of this book, rarely leaves a trip to the casinos with less than he started. One percent of everyone who walks into a casino can make that claim.


You will learn his winning ways in his Dynamic Craps – Rolling the Dice for Profit and Fun.


This book is concise and to the point with no excess verbiage. He does not bog you down with complex percentages and mathematical formulas.
In the short time it will take you to read this book you will know and understand what you need to know to enhance your chances of being a winner.


You will learn:

  • An easy guide to unravel any mystery as to how craps is played
  • Which bets you are never to make
  • The high percentage bets you should make
  • Methods for actually influencing the dice to do what you want them to do
  • Managing your dollars so that you always walk away from the tables with  money
  • How to enhance your chances of winning over at least 90 per cent of everyone else at the craps table


Follow this guide to success at the craps table and you will win more often than not and have a lot of fun doing it.

Along the way you will learn about which other casino games to consider or to avoid.

As a bonus, the casinos will reward your tough, excellent play with offers of free rooms, free meals, free parking, shows and gifts.


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